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Our commitment

The way we generate, trade, and consume energy is changing on an unprecedented scale. When we move towards a world based on renewable energy, we need to do it the right way - with sustainability as part of our core activities and business practices.

Green Supply chain

We strive to achieve a supply chain that procures from sources that don’t harm the environment and add to higher emissions.

Minimalist Waste Operations

Our operations are designed to generate minimalistic waste and responsible waste management practices.

Fair pay and equal rights

We assure our suppliers, vendors, and laborers are treated ethically and fairly in all respect.

Consistently Safe and Ethical operations

We have a strong HSSE and business ethics team supporting us to assure safe and ethical operations in all our businesses and projects.

We believe a safe working environment is a matter of choice, not chance 

extreme weather

Climate change

The next decade will be a defining one for climate change, both in mitigation and adaptation. We are determined to use our business to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, while also using our expertise to help with adaptation efforts.


Employment and diversity

Our people are our greatest asset. That's why we work to ensure a working environment characterized by equality, diversity, inclusiveness and mutual respect for our 4,000 employees.



As an international energy business working with large and complex technology, we are exposed to a variety of security risks. We continuously work to reduce these risks to keep our people, assets, and operations secure.

Allain duhangan team

Shared value

We believe that as we lead the shift towards renewable energy, we should also do our business in a way that creates shared value for both us and the countries and communities we operate in.