Trading and Operations

Statkraft Markets offers customized energy solutions for industrial and commercial consumers. Prime focus is to ascertain supply of electricity to its customers with complete Green Energy solutions or supply complemented with element of Green Energy through various options available:

  • Own Hydro Assets or Third party Hydro Assets
  • Group Captive (Thermal/Renewable)
  • Thermal Power plus Renewable Energy Certificates (Domestic REC)
  • PPA with Renewable generator (Wheeling and Banking Arrangements)
  • Support in Solar Project Development

The above sourcing options can be executed through short term and/or medium term bilateral contracts. The contracts are structured as per client’s requirements to overcome the market challenges in the system at a competitive price.

Statkraft employs highly skilled and distinguished professionals with significant domestic and international trading experience. The team has full access to leverage Statkraft’s global expertise, analytical tools and state-of-the-art models to comprehensively address the critical issues facing the Indian power sector. In addition, team possesses hands on experience in collective & bilateral Open Access transactions and have an in-depth understanding of Open Access procedures and regulations.

The Legal team works towards standardisation of contracts ensuring that any ambiguity is eliminated and hence beneficial for our clients. The team also assists in constantly upgrading our legal framework to adapt to a fast evolving market whereby complex client requirements need to be met with complex solutions, thereby requiring the same to be adopted in the underlying contractual framework.

The team operates 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients. We have built a state of art IT infrastructure to support our operations and ensure reliability of our service.