Energy Management Solutions

Renewable sources of power (Hydro, Wind & Solar) are exposed to not only the Market Risk but also the Hydrological/Climatic Risks. Energy Management services hence become very critical to mitigate climatic risk and gain optimum commercial value from the variable/intermittent generation sales.
Statkraft markets to its own fleet of hydro plants in India (300 MW) and to third party assets and offers Energy Management services to optimize the production for scheduling and trading activities on day-ahead basis. Statkraft has developed in-house optimization tools to commercially manage the assets.
Statkraft Markets is aligned to new market developments and offers Forecasting and Scheduling services to Wind and Solar Generators.  Given the uncertainties around wind speeds and irradiance across geographies, seasons and larges distances, it is important to understand the characteristic and distribution of the resource under review. Statkraft shall be tying up with market leaders and experts on Wind/Solar forecasts and shall be employing their own expertise to schedule and optimize the variable generation. Statkraft is in the process of building in-house forecasting and scheduling models and offer its Energy Management services to Wind and Solar Generators.