Trading and Origination

Statkraft Markets Pvt. Ltd. in India was established in 2011. It has a Category-1 inter-state trading license that allows it to trade unlimited volumes either bilaterally or through the exchange. This allows Statkraft Markets to serve its clients with full flexibility, thereby creating most value for them.

Statkraft Markets' core expertise lies in portfolio optimisation and energy management. It is currently optimising its own hydro power generation using sophisticated tools built in-house to forecast day ahead price profile and accordingly decide when to store water and when to produce power. In addition, Statkraft Markets offer wide range of structured products to industrial and commercial consumers that provide them significant savings on their electricity bills. The products offered are customised according to consumer requirements.

Statkraft's objective is to make its clients in India more profitable through innovative solutions. We ensure this happens by focussing on:

a) Extensive analytical capabilities,

b) Sophisticated trading & risk management systems and procedures,

c) Market intelligence and knowledge and

d) In-depth trading experience and competence from mature power markets.