Statkraft delivers control reserve from wind power

09.11.2016 | news

As the first company in Germany, Statkraft can participate in the German control reserve market with a pool of wind farms in the control area of transmission system operator 5OHertz.

The pool, which now consists of two wind farms, has an installed capacity of 89 MW. Statkraft, Germany's largest direct marketer of renewable energy can now offer a capacity of 60 MW for negative tertiary control power.

“In a power system that in the coming years will be increasingly dominated by fluctuating generation, wind power is a key pillar and can now finally contribute to the security of the system,” according to Stefan-Jörg Göbel, Managing Director of Statkraft Markets GmbH.

Portrait of Stefan-Jörg.

In the coming months, Statkraft plans to gradually expand the pool in the 50Hertz control area, as well as in other areas, and to make regulated energy available through the merger of wind farms. The company is taking advantage of a pool in order to ensure benefits for the portfolio and collateralisation. The regional distribution of wind farms ensures that local measures for supply management in individual network regions do not lead to the disappearance of service.

The now pre-qualified pool of wind farms was already a part of an interdisciplinary pilot project within the 50Hertz area. In this regard, the employees from energy & meteo systems, ENERCON, WIND-projekt and Statkraft have translated the technical requirements from the transmission network operators into a cost-efficient process for the pre-qualification of wind-power systems.

Statkraft will continue this collaboration in the future. In doing so, we now want to concentrate on the development of pre-qualification criteria for the provision of secondary control power from wind.