Forecasting and Scheduling Services – FSS

India has the ambition to be a world-leading country in renewable power generation. Independent wind and solar power producers are the main drivers of the Indian “green shift”.

Striving towards improving the system integration of renewables, a number of Indian states have recently announced forecasting, scheduling and deviation settlement regulations, applicable to all wind and solar generators. Statkraft is the leading provider of those services in Europe. In Germany alone, the team is responsible for forecasting and trading the generation output from more than 10,000 MW of third-party plants.

In India, Statkraft assumes the role of the Qualified Coordinating Agency (QCA) for wind and solar generators, no matter if these are connected to the grid directly or through a pooling station. As QCA, Statkraft will create generation schedules for single plants or for pooling stations, as the case may be, and submit them to the respective state load dispatch center (SLDC) on day-ahead and intra-day basis. Schedules are supposed to be updated several times during the day. The schedules contain the expected power generation at intervals of 15-minutes, i.e. 96 values for the 24 hours of the day.

In case the actual generation deviates too much from the forecast, financial penalties apply. Penalties and permissible deviation limits vary marginally from state to state, but normally only apply for deviations exceeding 15%. For deviations above 15%, penalties can be as high as INR 0.50-1.50/kWh. Therefore it will be crucial for generators to choose an experienced partner for the generation forecast. The generation forecast is based on a "learning algorithm"; it will improve over time when the forecast is being fed with both weather data and real-time generation data from the plant.

In some states, generators can form "virtual balancing groups", i.e. they can pool with other generators to profit from portfolio effects to reduce penalties. Statkraft as QCA will take care of the financial settlement of the penalties vis-à-vis the SLDC and the generators.

Together with our clients, Statkraft aims to be a pioneer in the Indian "green shift". By offering superior service and applying modern technology, we enable the system integration of renewables and thus prepare the grounds for further growth of the sector.


Why Statkraft

  • Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy
  • European leader within forecasting, trading and other market access services for Renewable generators
  • In India since 2004. First foreign investor in the Indian hydropower industry
  • We operate one of Europe’s largest virtual power plants and we can’t wait to bring it to India as soon as the power market develops further
  • Strong business ethics and zero tolerance for corruption