• EVN AG and Statkraft AS announced Joint Venture Partnership for the concession to construct three Hydro Power Plants on Devoll river in Albania.

    19.12.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    (Tirana, 19 December 2008) EVN AG, an Austrian based leading utility company, with major investments in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, and Statkraft AS, the Norwegian based European leader in renewable energy, today announced a Joint Venture in regard of the Devoll river concession in Albania.

  • Increased production in the Høyanger river system

    19.12.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft Energi AS today received a permit to build Eiriksdal power plant in Høyanger municipality in the regulated and developed Høyanger river system in Sogn og Fjordane County.

  • Energy initiative at Climate Change Conference in Poznan

    09.12.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    We have the low-carbon technologies we need to avert damaging climate change. However, a strong policy and public/private cooperation is needed to support their rapid deployment, conclude the business leaders of nine major energy companies, including Statkraft, in a report presented at the at the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznań, Poland 8 December.

  • New information about the number of fatalities and injuries in the SN Power Project

    24.11.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    SN Power, which is 50 per cent owned by Statkraft, has received new information concerning the number of fatalities and personal injuries at the company’s partly owned hydropower project in India.

  • Statkraft acquires wind farm in Wales

    12.11.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft has decided to purchase all the remaining shares in the company Catamount Cymru Cyf, which owns the rights to build and operate Blaengwen wind farm in Wales. The purchase is part of Statkraft's wind power focus in Europe. Blaengwen wind farm – which is under construction – will provide clean electricity to 16,000 UK households.

  • Statkraft and Norfund agree new ownership structure for SN Power

    11.11.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft AS and Norfund have agreed a new ownership structure for SN Power. Statkraft increases its shareholding from 50 to 60 per cent from the implementation of the agreement, with an option of a further increase to 67 per cent by 2015. Norfund is guaranteed an opportunity to sell all or part of its shares during the same period. A separate company will be established for the development of power projects in Africa and Central America

  • Statkraft – Q3 2008 - Solid result

    06.11.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft posted a profit after tax of NOK 4,599 million (NOK 4,103 million)1 for the first three quarters of the year, and an underlying profit 2 after tax of NOK 5,205 million (NOK 4,044 million). The profit after tax for the third quarter was NOK 1,381 million (NOK 1,047 million), while the underlying profit after tax for same period was NOK 693 million (NOK 734 million). The result is strongly impacted by higher prices and production compared with in 2007.

  • Statkraft celebrates 10 years in Continental Europe by launching international CO2 compensation platform

    06.11.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    Amsterdam, 6th of November 2008 – Statkraft, which will become the largest European producer of renewable energy at the end of the year, celebrated its first 10 years in Continental Europe by launching an international platform allowing individuals and companies to become carbon neutral.

  • Statkraft to supply electricity to Boliden Odda until 2030

    23.10.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    (Odda, 23 October 2008) Statkraft and Boliden Odda have signed two long-term commercial contracts for the supply of industrial power during the period 2009 to 2030. Totalling around 20 TWh, this is the largest industrial power supply contract Statkraft has entered into since 1998, and confirms the company’s role as the largest and most important supplier of electricity to Norway’s power-intensive industry. As part of the deal, Statkraft will take over Boliden Odda’s shares in AS Tyssefaldene.

  • Incorrect information regarding Statkraft and thorium

    06.10.2008 08.00 pressrelease

    On the morning news on Monday, 6 October, NRK Dagsnytt gave the impression that Statkraft has an agenda for building of thorium power plants in Norway, and that the group is actively lobbying to gain support for such plans. None of this is correct, and does not represent the company’s view on thorium.