Press releases 2007

  • Statkraft – Q3 2007 - Satisfactory result

    01.11.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    Profit after tax for third quarter of NOK 1,048 million (loss of NOK 290 million) ,and profit after tax for year-to-date of NOK 4,103 million (NOK 2,909 million) .

  • Naturkraft’s gas power station on Kårstø opens

    01.11.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    The first commercial gas power station in Norway was opened on 1 November by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dag Terje Andersen. The power station on Kårstø in Rogaland was built by Naturkraft, who will also be operating the plant. The company is owned by StatoilHydro and Statkraft.

  • Mark-E and Statkraft - energy without frontiers:400 MW CCGT power plant at Herdecke is officially operational

    31.10.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    After around two years of construction, the new combined gas and steam turbine power plant in Herdecke (North Rhine-Westphalia) was officially put into operation on Wednesday 31 October 2007 at a ceremony attended by 400 guests.

  • King Harald of Norway opened Statkraft's first gas power plant in Germany

    16.10.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    King Harald of Norway opened Statkraft's first gas power plant in Germany on Wednesday 17 October. Knapsack Power Plant near Cologne is Statkraft's first power plant to be built outside the Nordic area. The plant will have an installed capacity of 800 MW.

  • Statkraft and E.ON to enter into € 4.4 billion swap

    12.10.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft AS and E.ON AG have today signed a letter of intent to swap Statkraft’s shares in E.ON Sverige AB (44.6 %) in exchange for flexible power production assets and shares in E.ON AG. The total value of the asset swap is € 4.4 billion. A final agreement is expected to be signed during the first quarter of 2008.

  • Statkraft opens Pålsbu Power Plant

    09.10.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    Today sees the opening of Pålsbu Power Plant, which lies directly at the base of Pålsbu Dam in Nore og Uvdal. For the first time, power will be generated using the water that flows from Pålsbu Dam to the Tunhovd Fjord – enough energy to supply 1,000 households.

  • Statkraft to build world's first osmotic power plant

    03.10.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft has decided to build the world's first prototype osmotic power plant. The company is also stepping up its initiatives to develop the technology further. Osmotic power is a renewable energy source. Calculations indicate that the technology could contribute around 1,600 TWh on a global basis annually.

  • Trondheim Energi's new district heating plant officially opened

    28.09.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    On Thursday 27 September the new Heimdal heating centre and the new district heating pipeline from Heimdal to Midtbyen were officially opened by the mayor of Trondheim Rita Ottervik. The new incineration plant has an annual capacity of up to 120,000 tonnes and associated heat production of 40 MW.

  • SCA and Statkraft sign industrial power agreement

    14.09.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    The power company Statkraft and the Swedish hygiene and paper company SCA have entered into a long-term industrial power agreement. The agreement entails Statkraft supplying 500 GWh of power annually to SCA’s Swedish activity within the forest industry. The duration of the agreement is 10 years.

  • SCA and Statkraft collaborate on major renewable energy initiative

    14.09.2007 08.00 pressrelease

    SCA and Statkraft are setting up a joint company in order to focus on renewable energy in Sweden. The plans include the development of seven wind farms in Västernorrland and Jämtland in Sweden. Assuming the farms are built, they will be able to produce around 2.8 TWh of renewable energy per year. This will entail an investment of approximately NOK 14 billion. The plans also include potential hydropower projects in Sweden.