Press releases 2005

  • Statkraft and the Russian Federal Hydropower Generating Company (Hydro OGK) to cooperate within business development in the Russian hydropower industry

    16.12.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft, Hydro OGK and the Norwegian-Russian company Rosnor Energo signed on December 10th a memorandum of understanding with respect to further cooperation in the Russian hydropower sector.

  • Statkraft is not required to sell Trondheim Energiverk

    23.11.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    The Norwegian Ministry of Modernisation has resolved to revoke the order issued to Statkraft to sell Trondheim Energiverk (TEV). Now that it has the opportunity, Statkraft will - as previously stated - retain TEV.

  • Statkraft Third Quarter 2005: Financial results continue to rise

    10.11.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 10 November 2005) Profits for the Statkraft Group continued to strengthen in the 3rd quarter as a result of high production levels. Revenues from financial power hedging were considerable, financial expenses were reduced and gains from the sale of assets were taken to income during the quarter. Statkraft made a profit before tax of NOK 1,317 m (NOK 241 m) in the 3rd quarter, while the group's net profit totalled NOK 904 m (NOK 380 m). In the first 9 months of the year Statkraft made a profit before tax of NOK 5,343 m (NOK 2,874 m), while its net profit totalled NOK 3,534 m (NOK 2,205 m).

  • Statkraft takes over 24 hydroelectric power stations in Sweden and Finland

    03.10.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    Today Statkraft takes over hydroelectric power stations in Sweden and Finland with an average annual production of approx. 1.6 TWh. The transaction is based on an agreement of 1 July 2005 between the Sydkraft group (now E.ON Sverige) and Statkraft. The transaction price is approx SEK 4.5 billion. Operation of the power stations will be co-ordinated with the operation of Statkraft’s other power stations.

  • More eco-friendly power from Europe's largest land-based wind farm

    27.09.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Smøla/Oslo, 27 September 2005) Former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland will later today open the second phase of Statkraft's Smøla wind farm. Smøla is Europe's largest land-based wind farm, with 68 wind turbines generating a total of 450 GWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to the average annual power consumption of 22,500 Norwegian households.

  • Statkraft works to retain Trondheim Energiverk AS

    23.09.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 23 September 2005) Statkraft has put together a comprehensive solution to comply with the competition-related directive it received in connection with the acquisition of Trondheim Energiverk. "We are working to retain ownership of the company, but since a decision has not yet been reached in the matter, Statkraft is compelled to prepare for a possible sale," says Statkraft's CEO Bård Mikkelsen.

  • Statkraft to build a wind farm in Finnmark

    21.09.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    Oslo, 21 September 2005) Today the board of Statkraft has decided to build the Kjøllefjord wind farm in Lebesby. Construction will begin at once. When completed next autumn the facility will be Statkraft's first wind farm in Finnmark. It will have a total installed effect of up to 40 MW and an annual output of approx. 155 GWh - enough to supply some 6,000 households with electricity.

  • Statkraft Second Quarter 2005: Production levels and financial results remain strong

    18.08.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 18 August 2005) The Statkraft Group's second quarter results were boosted by continued high levels of electricity production, substantial revenues from financial power sales, and a reduction in financial expenses, but were cut back slightly by non-recurring costs charged during the period. Pretax profit for the second quarter was NOK 1,554 m (NOK 511 m), while net profit was NOK 891 m (NOK 334 m). Pretax profit for the first half year as a whole was NOK 4,026 m (NOK 2,633 m), while net profit was NOK 2,630 m (NOK 1,825 m).

  • Statkraft SF - Result 2nd quarter 2005

    18.08.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    Pretax profit before tax NOK 1,576 m. Net profit NOK 1,135 m in the 2nd quarter 2005, up NOK 1,020 m and NOK 765 m respectively compared with the same period last year.

  • Statkraft acquires hydropower plants in Sweden and Finland

    01.07.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 1 July 2005) Statkraft and Sydkraft, the Swedish energy group, have today signed an agreement whereby Statkraft will acquire 24 hydropower plants in Sweden and Finland with an average annual production of approximately 1.6 TWh.