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Banjë HPP

Banjë HPP is the first HPP in the frame of the Devoll Hydropower Project to enter into operation.

Banjë HPP is developed in the area of Elbasan District, in the Municipalities of Cërrik, Elbasan and Gramsh. The project incorporated the former unfinished Banja project structures. The new embankment dam with an impervious clay core is approx. 80 m high.

Prior to the start of the construction, in the period 2009-2013, intensive investigations, surveys and assessments on technical, environmental and social aspects were carried out.

The construction activities have been implemented in the period 2013-2016 and the works were implemented by specialized international and national contractors.

Banjë HPP started commercial operations in Autumn 2016. It utilizes a head between 175 and 95 m above sea level.

The reservoir, in its highest regulated water level of 175 m above sea level has a surface area of approx. 14 km². The reservoir reaches from the dam nearly up to the town of Gramsh. The storage capacity of the reservoir is of approx. 400 million m³. 

The Power plant is equipped with two large Francis turbine units and one small Francis turbine unit and has an installed capacity of approx. 72 MW. The average yearly production of energy is approx. 255 GWh.

Banjë HPP is connected with the Albanian national electricity grid through a 110 kV Transmission Line of approx. 12 Km connecting the Banjë switch-yard to Cërrik Sub-Station.